Seven Veils Drum Solo
About Us & Belly Dancer FAQ's
Belly Dancer FAQ's

  •        What is the length of a performance?
Mostly a performance is 15 to 20 minutes in total. We can also do 2 different
shows both taking 7 to 10 minutes
  •         What does a performance include?
This can vary; it depends on what the client wants: for example, veil dance,
drum solo and after the performance the audience can participate and learn
a few belly dance movements. Please speak to me personally to custom
tailor your performance.
  •        Is your performance family oriented?
Yes, belly dance is suitable for family entertainment.
  •       Do you bring your own music?
I will bring my own music, on CD. If arranged in advance we can also bring
something to play the music on, however the equipment may not be loud
enough for large or outdoor venues.
  •       How is payment expected?
Money can by transferred via paypal; however we do charge a fee for this as
we are charged a fee by paypal. You can also pay in cash day of the show
prior to the performance.
  •       What do you need when you get here?
I will need a clean place to change (a bathroom is fine). While we generally
arrive already dressed in costume, we will need a place to take off our cover-
up and put on the remaining accessories of the costume (such as dance shoes
and a veil). A debris-free performance area (the bigger the dance space, the
better the show). We realize that space can often be an issue at different
venues, but we can prepare for that if we are told about it in advance.
  •       Do we dance at all male events?
Belly dancers are professional dancers, but not appropriate for an all-male
audience. They are well received by mixed groups and family-oriented
groups, so we do not offer performances for all-male events.
  •       Do you go to performances alone?
I always bring someone with me, so do not be surprised when you see two
people instead of one.
  •        Is tipping allowed?
Yes, it is allowed. There are actually several ways to tip belly dancers. The
preferred method is gently tossing bills over the dancer's head (sometimes
called a money shower), instead of placing them in the costume. This way,
the performance is not interrupted, and the dancer doesn't risk getting
food/drink on her expensive costume.
  •       What if a guest gets rowdy?
I define rowdy as out of control. Groping, lewd/crude comments, etc.
interfere with my ability to perform. In that case, either the person is
removed from my area (host's responsibility), or I take my fee and leave
immediately. End of show.
  •       What if I book you, and then you have to cancel on me?
Be assured that I will not cancel except in cases of severe illness or extreme
family emergency. If that occurs, I will arrange for another quality dancer
to perform in my place, and all the FAQ’s apply to her as well.
  •     What is your area of operation?
We are located in Tucson, AZ, but will travel as far as the Phoenix area for
performance. The prices may vary in this case to compensate for travel time
and expense

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions that were
not covered in this FAQ document.